A Formula for Planning and Sharing EPIC Trips

A great trip is much more likely with a great plan.  The formula for a great plan includes elements like choosing a destination, gathering the necessary information, and packing the right stuff.  We call this formula TRIPOLOGY.  While creating a Trip Log you’ll be guided through that formula, step by step, all the way up to share your adventure afterwards!  We’ll also share below how you can use Trip Logs for better trips!

Start your Trip now

The excitement of travel begins the moment you start thinking about your next destination.  It all begins with an idea.  You can get ideas from our trips page, or check out our Idea Map.  You can add your own ideas there as well, and once you are ready to launch your trip, click the Start a Trip link and build your route.  You can complete a Trip Log after your trip or you can build as you travel.  Simply save your draft and publish when ready.  Doing a Trip Log will help guide your planning and consider things like:
  • Where you are going and any specific highlights you want to see
  • What route you will take
  • Pre-trip research
  • When you’ll go
  • Your method of travel
Remember, you don’t have to complete the Trip Log in one sitting.  You can come back anytime to finish or update your information.  You can also delete your Trip Logs.



As you find information from your research (and other Trip Logs!) you can add that back into the planning section of your Trip Log.  It is very helpful to have all of this info in one place.  As a bonus, you can share a link to your Trip Log with your friends that are coming along, so they too can reference the schedule and information for the trip.


Pack the right clothes

Regardless of normal weather conditions or the expected forecast, it’s better to bring clothes for just about any weather possibility.  For example, always have a jacket, rain gear, and extra socks no matter when you go.  Failing to grab the right clothing is a quick way to derail a trip. 


Talk with your group

Ideally, your group would be made up of people that you have traveled with before and know well.  In reality, groups sometimes come together in a more random way.  Chances are there will be individuals on your trip with varying interests.  For this reason, it is important to do a little coordination before heading out.
What are everyone’s expectations for the trip?  It helps to discuss what each group member hopes to do, and uncover any concerns early.
You can find more info for planning great trips on our Road School page!


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